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Determining Your Torcon 3 Membership Status

All members of Torcon 3 should have received Progress Report 5 in the mail by June 30, 2003. At least one copy was mailed to each member household. If there is more than one person residing at that address, then the covering letter mailed with the Progress Report will have listed each member at that address. If you did not receive Progress Report 5 this means either one of three things: 1) the post office messed up; 2) Torcon 3 does not have your correct address, or; 3) you are not a member of Torcon 3.

If you believe you should have received Progress Report 5 in the mail but have not, then please contact us at so that we may investigate further.

All members should receive Progress Report 6 in the mail prior to coming to the convention. All members are urged to bring the covering letter from Progress Report 6 with them to help identify them to our registration staff (though bringing the covering letter is not mandatory).

If you believe you are a member of the convention and arrive at the convention without being sure that you are on the list of members then you MUST bring proof that you have previously paid us for your membership (your copy of the receipt, or a copy of the email we sent you confirming your membership, or your cancelled cheque or credit card statement). Without that proof, we cannot issue you a membership badge. Even with that proof, there will be a considerable delay while we verify your status (please note that our membership database is very very very accurate as to who is and who is not a member).

We therefore urge anyone who is in doubt as to their membership status to contact us at prior to the convention.


Torcon 3 Membership Rates

In order to attend Torcon 3, you must become a member of the convention.

For definitions of Attending, Supporting and Child memberships, please click here

In order to pay the Converting rate for an Attending membership, the purchaser must already be a Supporting member of Torcon 3. In order to be a supporting member, you must either have purchased a Supporting Membership, or have voted in the Site Selection balloting at Chicon 2000. This is NOT a price to convert from a Pre-supporter to an Attending membership.

Rates As Of:


July 1, 2003






Converting to Attending









** official membership rate is in Cdn funds; $US rate is provided for those persons wishing to pay by cheque or international money order

Note: If sending payment by US Postal Money Order, please ensure you have purchased an International money order (in US or Canadian funds), and not a standard postal order. The standard postal order is only negotiable in the USA and its possessions and we are unable to cash such money orders.

If you wish to join Torcon 3 prior to the convention, please note that the latest we can receive your attending membership registration by mail or online is August 10, 2003 and the latest we can receive your supporting membership registration by mail or online is August 15, 2003. (Note, this is based on date of RECEIVING, not based on postmark). After those dates we welcome you to join the convention at the door.

Description of membership types and transfer policy

One day and multiple day membership rates now available

Register with a credit card on our secure web site or mail your payment with one of these forms to the address below.

Membership form: MS-Word, WordPerfect, PDF (get Acrobat) Please note that the forms only refer to Mastercard and Visa, but you may now also use American Express.

PO Box 3 Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1A2 Canada

(Note: US postage to Canada requires a 60- stamp.)

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